When I was in search of my next place of employment, I came across Red 5 Studios. I watched all the videos that were out at the time for Firefall and read over the company site. I was floored at how "This was the place I've been looking for!" went across my mind with each new page I read online.  I have been here over 2.5 years and I can say that Red 5 Studios is quite an adventurous place.  It would seem at first that all the Boo-ya-Ka-shaas and Tiki times were just for show. NOT! These guys love to party!

I love what I do, I'm able to grow here without many limitations. Red 5 Studios all in all is a great place to learn new things and work with great people. Red 5 has seen its share of ups and downs. Everyone keeps the same goal in mind of making a great game! I was and still am really taken by the company and how it values it's employees. Please join us in this adventure, PLAY Firefall! Thanks for checking out my site and enjoy!