Current Resume for 2016

Reviewed individuals work product, provided positive feedback and encouraged a team work environment. Publicly acknowledged people strengths to motivate the team.

Developed VR and mobile prototypes. VR project began development phase.

Traveled to China multiple times to give roadshow presentations to secure funding.

Worked directly with teams in China on development of new Ips.

Gave presentations to upper management and entire team on the state of production.

Created and managed team product pipeline schedules.

Interviewed new candidates to build out the team.

Learned and developed in the Unreal Engine.

Problem solved technical issues that arose during the team development cycle.

Setup and developed rendering process on creating 3D Video / VR Video using Maya and Premiere Pro.

Created new game ideas.

Made final decisions on software and tools to use for development of projects.

Created detailed production pipeline for the studio.

Created business plan for new ventures.

Leading and managing the animation department is my first priority at Red 5.

Work close with art leads and design leads to brainstorm and implement ideas to make the game better.

Developed a clear pipeline and schedule for the animation department.

Create presentations in power point to present the art department’s goals to management.

Directed cinemas for core missions throughout the game.

R&D Mocap solution, setup pipeline and rig transfer to company rigs.

Created facial system to improve the player characters in game.

Continued to perform Senior Animation duties. See infra.

Currently employed here. Character animation is my first priority at Red 5. Working on the player package to create new and polished animations. Working with designers to create new creatures that populate the world. The characters that we work with the animators have to rig and skin.

There have been a few times where models have been received that needed some edits and the modelers have been too busy to address the edits. So it is not unusual that with approval I have had to match hands and topology to fit certain areas of the character so that folds and bends work better. Same goes for UV layout as well.

The company recognized that I have many talents in the game creation process and would ask me numerous times to help out in other areas. I helped manage a small team on the Twitch Integration, I worked with two other people on this effort. My contributions were planning, designing art mockups, and communicating with Twitch directly. I have taken time to educate myself on the process in getting characters into the game with the tools the studio uses.

My art director knows that I put in time teaching myself the tools. I get the opportunity to use what I have learned daily. Along with my animation duties I work on creating collision, design tweaks for characters in the tools, ragdolls, communicating with other discipline openly and many other processes so characters function more like the intended design. Programs that I use at Red 5 are: 3DS Max, Maya, Morpheme, Havok, AlienBrain, Photoshop and Propriety tools used for setting up the design and art assets before they're exported into the game.

See full Resume in detail

Very cool to meet a comic legend! I think some of my best moments I had was speaking with him and seeing him draw. Truly amazing seeing the progress of his art come to life!

This is a very awesome studio. Small team but very passionate about every project. I was able to be very creative when there. Made a lot of friends at this studio and I wish them well on their new endeavors.

This was one of those companies you saw as a kid growing up. Yup I wanted to work here one day. When the opportunity presented itself I was on board. It's sad to think that this place doesn't exist anymore. Lots of great idea were bubbling here that will never see the light of day!

This was a fun opportunity. I was an animation consultant for this studio. I got to see the future being born to what is now everything you see in social games. Very cool!

Very awesome studio! The studios houses some great talent. What was most special for me there was that I had a lot of friends from college that worked there. I was also able to make a lot of new friends that are still there! Keep up the great work Vv!

This was my first time moving out to California. When I went to E3 prior to starting my employment at Interplay, I remember telling myself "I want to be out here in Cali so bad!"

This was my first position out of school. I was able to start working here right away. I have met a lot of people that I am still good friends with til this day. This studio had a great unique personality all its own.

This was a position I held while still in college at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I was a student from the years of 1998-2000. I was very excited about having the opportunity to work at this studio.